Smart Case
Protection for the display and back

All-round protection for your Tablet with individualized back

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Smart Case

The Smart Case is the perfect all-round protection for your tablet. It consists of a high-quality PU plastic shell in leather look with a laterally hinged cover. The super-soft inner material protects the display and the back of your tablet from dirt and scratches. All connections and the camera lens are freely accessible. The buttons are incorporated specifically in the case, are also protected and can be used without problems.

For reading, surfing and watching movies you can fold the cover leaves triangular, if you prefer holding your iPad in your hands, just use the cover like a book cover backwards. Technical Extra: Close the cover to use Stand-by.  Of course you don't need to renounce your personal style. The back can be printed with a nice design.

  • for tablets from Apple
  • protection for the display and the back
  • integrated as a stand with multiple stages
  • Auto power off function in the lid / cover
  • high-quality color printing on the back
  • Available colors: black, ice-blue, lime, red, caramel, sand